I trust you. I forgive you. I love you. These are the words hardest to say after being hurt or betrayed by friends and family. Not even strangers could impact a person so. People you're closest to continue to make a big impact on you even though you may not know it. Continue to make…


If it is truly yours

If someone is truly yours he will come back. But what if that person came and you missed the chance? What do you do then? Will you go searching for love? Searching for him? Is there not that saying that said patience is a virtue yet another saying that said waiting around will lead you nowhere?…

Death’s Glaring Eyes

The stench of bacteria spread through the air. All the exhaust of a dying old man's dying breaths, Striving to stay alive for his love, Waiting for a miracle angel to read his glaring eyes.   © 2016 let4everbe Featured Image credit to http://imgarcade.com/old-man-eyes-drawing.html    

Vulnerability at its best

Vulnerability is one of the hardest and most condemned words in the English language, yet it is crucial in our journey in not only being able to discover true peace within us but also to help others on their journey to discovering peace within themselves