Fighting on the sidelines

Is this how a doctor would feel to discover that someone you provided care for has passed away? Let's say you found out about their death from a mutual friend on Facebook, how would a doctor feel about that? Maybe that's not a very good comparison since the person's doctor should have been notified compared…


Sleeping Potion

It seeps down into his gaping mouth. Drifting slowly, his shallow breaths make a hollow sound. Stupid potion numbs the vein and carries him away. Stillness, then the melancholy mist of salty rain.   ©2017 let4everbe Poem dedication to my late boss 🙏 Image credit:

Death’s Glaring Eyes

The stench of bacteria spread through the air. All the exhaust of a dying old man's dying breaths, Striving to stay alive for his love, Waiting for a miracle angel to read his glaring eyes.   © 2016 let4everbe Featured Image credit to