What’s up with the acronym, let4everbe?

I was just as confused about what I wanted my domain to be about like any other new blogger. But why an acronym? Well, I thought, hey I might as well make my page mean something and that is what I did. I created meaning for each letter, one that will lead to philosophical thinking. But don’t stress about it, ahaha. I was just being over analytical. From the very beginning “love” was just something instilled in me, and I’m sure in a few of us at a very young age. Going back to the letters.


From the very beginning “love” was just something instilled in me, and I’m sure in a few of us at a very young age. We have relationships with people, right? I’m not saying everyone has been “in love” but I’m sure we’ve cared for someone enough to might as well call it love. Love is a paradox in which many people have a different interpretation of the word. I will use the word as such – a paradox I will continue coming back to in future posts. The same can be said with “Eat” and “Travel”.


Eat because without sustenance to fuel our mind and soul, our body will just be a vessel. Eat because there are many different foods out there from different cultures. I want to present as many foods as possible to a community I am certain will eat. As part of my growth, I would like to also display a few recipes I’ve learned because not only is writing therapeutic for me, but also being in the kitchen and experimenting with different ingredients for baking and recipes for cooking.


Lastly, travel. Travel because we are given an entire planet to roam. This segment of my blogs will consist of hikes I’ve accomplished, countries and other U.S. states I’ve visited, or even a very simple trip to the park, mall, or grocery store.

Growth is something that continues with age. We are forever growing. The growth within us could be either good or bad because of how we face certain circumstances life throws at us, but nonetheless, we are growing. Thus, “let” Love, Eat, and Travel “4everBe Everything. Cliche, I know, but it works, right? Let me get used to this acronym-phrase first and we’ll both be fine, ahaha.