Something happened tonight that became an eye-opener for me again, but this time I wanted to share it with my amazing readers.

I have just gotten ready for bed after coming home from work, and I was sitting in my bedroom studying when I heard a crash outside my room. I thought one of my parents collapsed or something like I’ve heard a few times at the care center I work at. My heart sank thinking the worst things possible. But when I opened my door, I just saw spilt green tea resides all over the living room and dining room floor and the glass cup and spoon on the carpet because my dad threw it after one of my mom’s unstoppable nagging mouth about one of her clients again.

My mom and dad were continuously arguing about nonsense if you asked me: my mom blaming my dad for throwing the cup on the floor and my dad upset about my mom’s never-ending client nagging. Despite the situation, I felt immense relief. 😭🙏

Since asking, “what happened,” when I peeped outside my door, I never said anything else because what else was I supposed to say? Both of them were at fault, but putting verbal blame at all really won’t do any good in the situation regarding my parents.

I just grabbed a rag, wet it, and began cleaning the laminated floor and carpet from all the green tea. Silly me stepped on the still-wet floor and slipped causing my mom to start again, but I just continually wiped the floor and carpet clean. My parents stopped with their arguement while I cleaned and my dad ended up silently helping me dry the floor.

*sigh* My parents are truly the hardest workers I know (bias, I know). Thus, they gave birth to seven hardcore hardworking children. When they get stressed, I get stressed being the youngest, so I make it my duty to stress out my older siblings who don’t always care about my parents’ well-being since they have families of their own. They care, but I’ll be outright and say they don’t care like I do (cause I’m single and have no-one to “care for”, if you know what I mean).

Since graduating from college, I made a point to make BOTH my parents as happy and stress-free as possible. And since working full-time at the care center dealing with recovering as well as dying adults, as well as working part-time with more elderly seniors, my vision for my parents living an almost-stress-free life is ongoing. I understand their stress because when I come home from my full-time job, followed by my part-time job, followed by volunteering, they have to deal with my tired, cranky, and sometimes quiet attitude. My mom has a stressful job, but I’d like to think that it keeps her mentally alert, so I don’t complain as much anymore, but I still do at times to check cause, too, much stress is NOT healthy. My dad already retired, so he has really nothing else to do except help my mom with her clients and being our chef and personal go-to handyman. Since he injured his back, my siblings and I try to help as often as we can. ❤ *sigh* So, yeah, try to have a new outlook on your parents.

The cup of green tea in the picture was mine while studing, not my dad’s. 😅 His green tea is a pricey green tea in powdered form, which he then mixes in hot water. But the cup in the picture looks the same as the one thrown. 😅 Surprisingly, the glass thrown did not crack nor chip at all considering the distance it traveled. 😲 Props to the cup makers! 🙌

Green Tea

After all the deaths I’ve encountered, I am just glad it was JUST an arguement and nothing more serious. Life IS short my amazing readers, so let us all try not to get angry over nonsensicle issues. Please?

Love always,



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