Wow! After being absent on my blog page for the past what – two-and-a-half months? I see that visitors are still visiting my website. I know I’ve posted on Instagram, and by now, you probably know what I look like through my SnapChat posts, but I’ve never felt so shocked, yet happy considering all the emotional and physical roller coasters I experienced these past few weeks.

Although there hasn’t been as many “likes” or “comments” while I was MIA, I really appreciate seeing the constant number of viewers and readers out there from different parts of the globe. I wasn’t expecting many viewers with my nonexistent new posts. Thank you, thank you! You truly make my heart soar. ❤

Please trust me when I say that I started this blog wanting to express my feelings and thoughts to like-minded people. Finding that 1% from millions of bloggers is difficult, but I WILL still push through. And like the inner blogger within me, I have been compiling drafts for future blogs.

I really thought I could push myself to blog everyday considering I’ve been battling with myself to blog like at least every other day, but the need to sleep and give myself some needed me-time with my full-time job and part-time jobs really won out. Every. Single. Time. Until now. Now, I feel like I need to get a grip on my blogging reality again, because going from one job to the next every day with no whole day-offs has become a routine that is rubbing me the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the patients, elderly residents and clients I work with and have come to know. They give me a purpose that pushes me throughout the day. I just felt a little bit detached with my inner extroverted introvert self recently. I guess a few people had me thinking more again about what I’m doing with my life, so I just need to write, and vomit words and pictures from my mind to clear my mind a bit of all the pent up psychological clutter.

So please stick it out with me if you can or move on if you want. Anyhow, you will always be considered as one of my “Amazing Followers” for stopping by. Until next time!







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