I had a to-do list scheduled with my little niece on Sunday, July 30th after breakfast: clean house; take my Alaskan Malamute, Atlas, for a walk; then groom him; then take my niece to the library while I finished updating my resume for my interview Monday morning. Plans had to change after the incident with my mom.

Something any daughter should never have to experience is witnessing a parent

fall from a ladder.

My niece, aunt, and I were outside when the stick to reach for papayas and mangos fell. Luckily, my older sis and bro were just arriving on the driveway from an errand when the crash happened. I didn’t really see what happened until I rounded the corner of the money tree on our front yard.

My mom was sprawled on her back: her fall of her head pushed a plastic pot of orchids off its cemented-stand. I’m thankful that plastic pot was there instead of just the cement stand, otherwise, nothing would have caught my mom’s falling head. Luckily, my mom’s body also fell on the grass, which kind of cushioned her fall, I guess. Guys, I was just too freaked out. My sister and brother were playing the incident off by blaming the stupid tall papaya tree. I still blame the stupid papaya tree… (very immature, I know, ahaha).


Mommy and I (age 1 or 2)


Even though my mom and I have our moments, I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing her injured. I guess my mom’s fall took her breath cause after the crash of the long stick on the orchids behind where my mom positioned the ladder, I heard nothing until I heard my sister and brother’s panicked voices. This whole week I’ve been trying to have her see the doctor, but she refuses to go. I’ve been keeping an eye on her despite her stubbornness. She has been able to work with her clients daily so far, so I guess she’s fine for now.

Monday’s job interview at the care center went well, too, so I’ll be starting soon. Since the interview this past Monday, I’ve been compiling all the necessary paper work for the position, thus I’m blogging only now. Sorry guys! I’m actually pretty excited to start that full-time job so I could save more money for my future travels. I’m trying to make a budget for Asia and Europe, so if any of you have an idea of how I should start, you may email me @ let4everb3@gmail.com or reply in the comment box below. 😀

This care center consists of a rehab center for physical and occupational therapy, assisted living, nursing home, and hospice; so there will be many residents I’ll soon meet. I’m also applying at hospitals near by, but the positions are constantly changing, making it hard for me to get the job. I feel fine with whatever the outcome will be though since I’ll be kept busy either way. I’m also planning to keep my dialysis client because I just can’t seem to not let him go. He’s like the grandpa I’ve never had, haha! I will definitely make time for at least weekly blogs though (not that I’ve succeeded in daily blogs, but still), so stay tuned!



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