I really want to give you time. Time to remember. Time to forget. Time to learn. Maybe you will never forget, but I want you to learn from your experiences. You spent a lot of time with her, invested in her; therefore, you fell in love with her.

The thing about time is that time rarely matters. You can know someone for years and they are still a mystery to you. You can know someone for three weeks, and the relationship can be like knowing the other from the back of each other’s head. I know you’re not ready yet, but I will be waiting. I want to give you time so that one day, your heart will be just a bit fuller and then some. I want to get to know all about you and build the trust with you. But in order to build that type of relationship and for the relationship to work, I can’t want to be a rebound.


Waiting Love


Hello, my awesome followers! Thought of adding something different to my blog page. Let me know what you think through email or comments. 😉 If you want your anonymous letters or love story to be read, you can either post them on your blogs or email them to me at Goodluck, and let 4ever be. Muah!


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