Wow. I love this story. Whether it is real or not, I think everyone (including me) has questioned their faith. I mean, I think we’re only human to do so. We meet people in our lives who gives us reasons to question, so it’s our choice to how we react to their situations. My past has been painful and that’s why this story kept me reading from beginning to end. Thus, I’m glad someone could put into words, the pain in questioning ones faith and in the want to make decisions for ones self.

Chapter one – Absolved from choice: I am writing here because I have no one to confide in, you’re but a piece of paper but I hope that just expressing myself here will relieve me of many pains and worries. I will keep you close in my pocket at all times, living next to a […]

via Sins of the father, or choosing one’s own choices. — Marcus Skjøte


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