It has been YEARS since I woke up at 3AM with my big brother for my own road test, eight years to be exact. Now here I am sitting in line at 6:44AM after arriving at the testing site since 4:30AM with my nephew.

A little later than when I went for my road test from what I can remember, but that’s okay since we’re about the 6th or 7th in line out of about 20 others behind us.


Anyways, I hope and pray he passes his first time! 🙏🙏 I had him drive around for errands, help car wash the cars, and clean my parent’s house yesterday, so he could use my brother’s car since he is away on a vacation trip at the moment. 😂 That’s reasonable, right? 😅 To celebrate if he passes, I promised him we’d go to the beach of his choice after the road test. 😂 Please, PLEASE pass. 🙏

Today’s a BEAUTIFUL day for the beach! 😉


Do you remember that time you had your road test(s)? Please share your experience in the comment box below! 😊


Much love,



9 thoughts on “Those early morning road-test lines

  1. Awwww I remember mine. I had to drive my mom’s big van because the small civic’s light was not working. I think instructor passed me because she was scared of me driving the big van around town. I hope you pass.👍🏻

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    1. Haha! Ohh! So you used your big van for your road test?? Wow! Nah, you must have driven well for her to pass you, haha. I passed 8 years ago. 😂 I hope my nephew passes. 😂 We’re literally still waiting in line and it’s already 9:27AM. Thankfully, we didn’t get cut from the line like the other walk’ins after us. 🙏

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      1. Ahaha, no worries! I’m hoping to post what we did afterward soon, but I’m currently on a learning curve with how to make videos on a PC. Videos were made easier on my old MacBook Pro… 😦

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  2. I had my learners permit and I was driving with my friend Carly and the driving instructor. We were on a country road when a dog ran out in front of me and I almost killed him! The dog was perfectly fine though I didn’t hit him! It was my first time driving though so I was pretty shaken up after that


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