So my mom and I were running errands today: dropping off my mom’s timesheets for her carehome, visiting her resident’s doctor for a prescription for a bath chair, stopping by at Longs Drugs Pharmacy because of a vienna sausage sale, tea tree oil and other essentials and also Sam’s Club for groceries. While my mom and I were waiting in line at Longs Drugs, there was this old man (maybe around 60 years old). He was in line for another cashier and I saw the lady just tell him that he couldn’t buy the vienna sausage boxes at sales price because he didn’t have a CVS care card. Omg, I just felt bad for that man because it looked like he came to the pharmacy store just for those two boxes and a gatorade. Gahhh, my heart just went to that man, you know? And I knew I should’ve lend him my mom’s card. ☹ Another man offered him his card, probably seeing my face cause he eyes were just moving constantly my way. But who knows what that man who offered his card was thinking. Unfortunately, the older man declined his offer (probably because of his pride πŸ€”). So the older man put his boxes back on the stacks and paid only for the gatorade. 😒

As someone who’s worked with the homeless before, not saying the older man was homeless but, I just HATE seeing people turned away from food in general. Food in Hawai’i gets expensive and I’m thankful I have a roof over my head and food to fill my never-ending stomach πŸ˜….

I’ll refer to the older man as Tata Vienna since “tata” is used by filipinos for dad any older man, and Vienna because, yes, he wanted vienna sausages. πŸ˜…Anyways, I was going to offer my mom’s card until the other man offered. Even though Tata Vienna declined, I’m a bit upset that the cashier didn’t offer Tata Vienna a form to get his own card, you know? She just let him pay for his gatorade and that’s it! 😣 Who knows, maybe Tata Vienna would’ve accepted that offer instead. I told my mom I wanted to give him our box, but by the time we paid, Tata Vienna was long gone. Hopefully Tata Vienna will get his boxes of vienna sausages

On the bright side…

After Longs, my mom and I went to Sam’s Club to buy dog food and groceries.

When we got in line, there was a family in front of us. The little boy, maybe 6- or 7-years-old, had something to buy along with his family grocery. Next thing I heard, the boy was telling his mom if he can take out his money for his Star Wars book. I was amused at how the little boy wanted to pay for his own. His mom said he can just pay her back, but his dad told her to have him pay separately for his own. Not sure about his father’s tone of voice, but I’m glad the little boy wanted to pay his own way, you know? It’s rare to find that kind of trait from a kid around his age. Usually, if kids get allowances, they want to buy candies or toys which I don’t see anything wrong with that since their kids.

So even if Tata Vienna didn’t get what he wanted, little book boy did. And if the situation arises again, I’ll react faster to people in need of assistance. Maybe my amazing followers cam do the same? 😁 Until next time, see you all soon!

Much love,



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