So today I ALMOST forgot that I was supposed to drop off a friend at the airport, luckily, I went on Facebook and saw that she was “interested” on going to an event tonight… the night she’s supposed to leave. Ahaha! But I clearly remembered her saying that she’s leaving on the 29th (today) last week, so I texted her to have a safe trip anyways (who knows, knowing her she might go to the event then to the airport, haha). Except during my meeting, she messaged me if I’m still dropping her off because if not, she’ll take Uber. I just said I can. 🙂

Now, my meeting today was about another client I’ll be working with on Saturdays. This one is different from the other behavioral clients I normally have. The client is an 81-year-old male that will be receiving dialysis treatments every Saturday. I believe he also has dialysis on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they will not be with me unless the other worker or his caregiver notifies me in advance. My job is to basically take him to and fro his dialysis treatments and sit with and monitor him during his dialysis. I’m actually excited to work with a dialysis patient because it’s healthcare-related and my late boss and the ALS patient I’m currently volunteering with have been my only clients with health issues (if you know what I mean). I forgot to mention that I didn’t get to work with E today because her daughter wanted to go to a closer PT office which only operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, thus, I’ll be watching over E again tomorrow (6/30).

Anyways, after the meeting, I got ready at home to pick up my friend and her friends for a quick dinner before I drive us to the airport. Haha, I should have called her an hour in advance that I was on my way because she was still showering when I got to her house. Then she had to double-check the contents of her luggage/backpack because the zipper wouldn’t close. It took a while until we picked up her other friend since she had to exchange her currency from USD to Euros (forgetting that she’ll be in London (where they use pounds) first before going to Malta (where they use Euros). So that was maybe 45 minutes until we picked up her friend (45 minutes for the Euros, and gave up on the pounds becauses she realized it in the car, haha). She and her roommate and friend really cracked me up tonight. 😂

But the restaurant/bar we went to had the MOST delicious steaks! La Mariana. Remember that if you decide to come visit Hawai’i. 🙂 Here are some pictures and videos of the dinner. Listen to the singers in the video and tell me what you think. 🙂




The atmosphere was very upbeat due to the singers, but other than that, we sat at a relaxing area near a pier with a cute mini tugboat. 


I personally thought that the food I chose was better than the Hawaiian Platter and nachos the others chose, haha. 😅


So I chose Pina Colada and was sorely disappointed. 😦 





I had better-tasting Pina Colada :/



I took a sip of this drink called Zombie (tasted better than my Pina Colada)

La Mariana is known for their Zombie drink, so stop by to taste it if you’re able.



Jalapenos and Nachos



Hawaiian Platter


My New York Steak dinner! (medium done)

Yup, I definitely made the right choice for dinner food, but not so much the drink. And of course, I was able to eat a bit of everyone else’s dinner, hehe. PLUS, my dinner was FREE! THANK GOODNESS I was the driver because the dinner was $100+ expensive!! Anyways, until next time! Please follow and stay updated! 😀

Much love,





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