The murmuring of the ventilator is my background music today. I never thought I’d be able to get back into helping an ALS client again since my boss, but I am. Here I am currently sitting in E’s room, looking at every equiptment: suction machine, ventilator, disinfectants just to name a few. These just threw me back in time again to B. It has almost been two years now since he passed away, but his teachings and legacy lives on in my co-workers and me. There are more updated equiptments and some I just learned about through my certified nurse’s assistant course like this foot cushion, but that’s beacuse my boss’s wife liked to MacGyver her way through wherever she could in order to save money.


B’s wife was actually the one who contacted me and my old co-workers again to see if any of us would be able to volunteer with E since their finances couldn’t afford one. I my heart just reached out to E and her daughter, guys! More so since they didn’t have the connections like B and his wife. So I offered to help today before work and tomorrow’s day off.

Even though he was unable to speak, I could read his facial movements to spell the words he wanted me to know (on this best days). But with E, I am just keeping her comfortable while she’s bedridden: helping her with her range of motions (ROMs), suctioning her mouth and trake, and pretty much monitoring her condition while she lays awake or nap. She is unable to communicate with me like how B used to, but I just talk anyways, lol. I’m not usually a talker with people I barely met let alone JUST met, but with clients like B and E, I can talk about anything to keep the silence away. There are times when I am a extrovert and really go out there to speak to people (people that don’t know me), but I’ve been content just doing my thing (whatever that is).

Haha, I remember when B used to give me “that stare” whenever he wanted me to start reading his needs and wants. Guys, it was like he was drilling though my head with those stares and I could feel them even when my head was turned around. But usually that stare were for those moments I missed him spelling the words “PEE” and he ended up peeing his pants in his office on campus. Yikes. Believe me when I say, although he may have drilled a few imaginary holes when I was a beginner training with him, I still miss that jokester. I don’t need to worry about E according to her daughter because E is wearing an incontinence underwear (diaper) and her daughter will only be gone for three hours (the only amount of time I could volunteer today). But even if her PT appointment endes early, she’ll probably want to take a bit of a breather since I’m here watching her mom anyways, and I totally understand. I’d want a breather, too, if I couldn’t adventure whenever and wherever I want to. Mommies, daddies and caregivers understand, right? 🙂

It’s a good thing I brought my phone and nursing textbooks with me, so I can quickly blog and study a bit when I’m not working on E’s ROMs and suctioning. So until next time!

Much love,




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