Have you ever visited a place only for your mind to process past memories? Here I am in our local Coffee Bean studying everything about providing the best care for any hospital patient and what to do if they are injured and/or have a disease. Why is it that our minds wander when we should be doing something else… like studying, lol. Might as well vomit out what’s on my mind before heading back to the books.

So here I am, studying like usual and I’m reminded of my college years of the crazy all-nighters visiting Coffee Beans until they closed at 9:30 PM, 10:30 PM, or 11 PM.

I remember the night when I studied with a friend for an Anatomy and Physiology exam. We dropped off our bags and books in Coffee Bean then went to a near-by Ramen place to grab dinner. While waiting for the cashier to order our food, my friend and I just sat down and the waitress (the cashier we were waiting for) was collecting previous customers’ bowls and plates full of food. I remember watching her and admiring how anyone could balance pretty much EVERYTHING on one arm. Little did she know that I was on the seat behind her and so when she turned around, BAM!

Now, I don’t know how you would feel about being covered in EVERYTHING: ramen soup and curry sauces, but my friend was surprised when the waitress screamed, “Ahhh!” So my friend screamed, “Ahh, too!”  (Which I thought was funny that night) Me? I just smiled and laughed it off! 😂 Gosh, you should have seen my smiling face! You would have thought that all the studying was making me go crazy, which was what my friend thought, too, but I can’t really explain WHY I didn’t freak out that night. The waitress was fricking out! But me? I grabed a few napkins and started wiping myself down while reassuring the waitress that everything was fine and smiling, like REALLY smiling. My friend was telling me how they should give us a discount or something, but all I wanted was really to change. Luckily, I told her I had extra clothes in my car because I thought of stopping by to workout at our campus rec center later after studying. I ended up not going to the gym that night, and instead, I changed into my sweatpants and T-shirt from my car. Since that night I always wondered why I didn’t freak out, but I’m glad I didn’t because I learned that freaking out wouldn’t have changed the fact that soup and curry was all over my body. Things happen. Do not lose yourself to things you can’t change.

I also remember all the 80s, 90s musics from Backstreet Boys, N’sync, to county musics and Taylor Swift songs the baristas would play and how I used to and still do jam to the songs in my seat when I should be studying. 😅

I also remember the nights when I was the LAST customer and how those led me to befriending the baristas. They were all so friendly. Hmm… Something about me that most people don’t know would probably be the fact that I was SUCH a “social butterfly” in college according to my classmates, but too be honest? I realize already at this young adult age that you can have as MANY friends you want, but there will most likely be about five or less TRUE friends in your life who you can count on and will read you like a book. Sad, but true. There was one who was an exception, my college co-worker from Guam. She had, I remember, 6 close bestfriends since childhood. Even though they are all in different places, they each make a point to videochat with each other AT LEAST once a week! Can you believe that? Plus, they all travel to different countries together! But she told me one day in our office that she really only talks to and messages her friends and didn’t join clubs in college. But I admire her for that keeping her friends close. Me? I’ll be honest enough to say I don’t have what you would call bestfriends although that doesn’t stop me from making worthwhile friends along my life’s journey. So many friends of all ages I did meet and a few I said goodbye to (RIP guys 💛). 🌼

I also thought hard about it and felt that the person I could and would ever consider to be my bestfriend will be my future husband, whoever he is, because we’ll be living with each other until death (maybe even longer, lol). But for now I’ll just continue to be me while waiting. Hope you all will wait and stick with me until then though blog family! 😘

I should really be studying now, blog family, so until next time! Enjoy a picture of my brain food! 😄


Much love,



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