So I was supposed to hike the day before my birthday (6.16.17) with a bunch of friends, but circumstances arose and my sister and I ended up hiking by ourselves. We didn’t know the hike we were going to, so we made do with what we could. While my phone hated me on this hike, I was able to capture a few beautiful pictures of nature. Unfortunately, my sister and I couldn’t get to the actual crater in time before we both had to start heading back because we had an appointment my mom made in the afternoon for my car to be serviced. (But when we got home, my mom said the appointment is now set for Monday the 19th! 😦 Yes, I know, so unfortunate! But on the bright side, I’ll make a post again for that day I finish this hike. (Maybe in drier conditions when it hasn’t been constantly raining.) I’ll try to upload these and future pictures and videos to my site’s gallery.

So my sister wanted to take a before-hike picture of us. Here are our smiling faces before the hike. How amusing. XD
So our entrance to the trail began with this sign…
CONTINUE AT OWN RISK! If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. Haha!
After the creepy sign, my sister and I walked passed it and came upon a rocky slope with a rope. My older sister went first. 😉
My smartphone went off focus and focused more on her feet and the ground below her… (I’m sure if you’re a hiker, you’re used to this kind of environment by now.) 🙂
The rope was slippery since it has been raining all week! (Yea, it wasn’t a good idea in my opinion to hike, but oh well, LOL!)


I love my Baymax hat, so I always try to bring it everywhere I go. (Don’t worry, I wash it.)
My sister and I had to cross over the stream many times during the hike. On the way back at this location, I had to hold onto the hanging branch because my legs were shaking from the hike. xD
We pretty much followed the stream going up the trail, which was a very long process.
More beautiful views of the stream, at least in my opinion.
Even though it’s not a humongous waterfall, I still think this is cute.






I was trying to wash the bottom of my shoes from the mud, hehe.
But doesn’t this picture make a GREAT candid shot? Love it!! ❤
Definitely glad my sissy came with me on this hike, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken a candid picture of me in this BEAUTIFUL wilderness! (This picture can be found on my Instagram: let4everbe)


What was I looking at??
This had to be one of my FAVORITE natures picture during the hike! 😍 Don’t you agree?
Being one with the mountains
When green is everywhere!
When the hike is steep, don’t look down.
But I just HAD to look outwards to see the breath-taking view! 😍
On the hike back, I didn’t notice that this tree truck was split in half! Nature is truly amazing! And scary!
Here are the mushrooms I identified so we knew we followed the right path back.
And even though I was rinsing my shoes at that waterfall stream, yea… my shoes ended up even MUDDIER after the hike! Remember the before-hike picture? You don’t want to see the after-hike picture.
So long awful but beautiful hike!



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