We just need to get back up after falling on the muddy path to be

greeted with a beautiful destination. Don’t you think it’s great being surrounded by such beauty? I just wanted to soak it in. 😌

#beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #folage 🌱🌳🌿 #plants #sogreen #wanderlust #sunshine 🌞 #shineonme #gotapocketfullofsunshine #prebday #hiking #photography #nofilter #nature #vitaminD #travel #traveling #travelblogger #let4everbe

Sorry guys! I have TONS to update you all on about yesterday’s behind-the-wheel instruction, today’s hike, AND the fact that I got to watch Wonder Woman!! But give me a few hours of sleep since I have my nursing course later today at 9AM and I ABSOLUTELY DON’T want to fall asleep in the course today, haha. NOT that I’ve fallen asleep during the course so far, but instructor is giving us an exam Sunday (tomorrow) that I can’t fail. Passing is 85%, and there’ll be 50-60 questions for 3 chapter covered. Easy right? 😅 Reminds me of college again, ahaha! Oh currently, it’s 1:54 AM June 17, 2017 where I am right now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! 🤗😂🎊🎉🎈


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