My sister was so proud of this picture, lol. Glad she enjoyed her vacay.
I really wanted to go horseback riding.
Ahh, the weather. 🙂
I just love the scenery
I wish this day wasn’t so rainy nor cloudy. Next time I’ll post what this area looks like with clear skies. 🙂
Yes, the water was REALLY muddy 😦
So there were supposed to be more pictures when we got out of the car here, but my sister didn’t know how to work SnapChat… SORRY! I’ll post the video clips from SnapChat that I was able to save.
I think this was Sunset Beach?
Bob Marley at North Shore
Heading home from the countryside
Sister got her Matcha fix


This was pretty much the route we took, except we went through the H3 Freeway. We just followed my GPS directions to Crouching Lion Hike but decided to just pass it and see where the road led us. 🙂 (picture by beansjack.blogspot.com – Google)



Sorry, you’ll have to tilt your head for the videos… If you know how to rotate them, please let me know, haha. ❤

It was a pretty breathtaking experience, but when it really poured down on my brother’s little Nissan, I was terrified of skidding off the road. Drive carefully, guys! See you on my next post! You’ll get to see how I spent the day before my birthday! 😀 Maybe on another morning hike, but we’ll definitely watch WONDER WOMAN!!


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