Starting today, I can now honestly say that I HAVE been on a road trip around the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i. What started out to be a hiking day with my sister and friend of mine, ending up being a road trip with my sister around the island. Why did it end up becoming a road trip, you say? Because today, the weather has been pouring cats and dogs from the sky. Here’s how my day started out.

So I woke up at 6 AM to hearing heavy rain outside of my window. I was actually looking forward to hiking today because I’ve just been so stressed with family lately, that I needed to leave the house. I checked my phone, saw the time, and I was thinking, “should I risk it? Nah.” I’m usually down for risking if it’s an adventure, but if I am risking my life? No way.

I texted my friend telling her that we don’t need to go hiking today, and she agreed because she lives on the other side of the island. She mentioned it’s raining there, too, and being that her side is closer to the location I planned on hiking, I confirmed not going and we both we back to sleep. About 3 hours later around 8:40ish, my sister comes knocking on my bedroom door. I forgot to tell her we shouldn’t go anymore, but I thought, “might as well go check the place out.” So I just texted her to let me get ready.

(Okay, I’ll be going a bit off on a venting tangent for this paragraph so you can skip to the next paragraph if you want.) Since yesterday afternoon, I really wasn’t on speaking terms with my mom because she looked down on my wanting to use my money for a charity called Partners in Health. She and I were talking to my dad and brother who were in the Philippines, and she was telling them that I haven’t been helping around the house and that I should just be giving the money to her. She had the audacity to say that I haven’t been helping when I’ve been doing the laundry when she substituted during the school year, as well as my own now that summer started and she prefers to do her laundry at odd times. I’ve also vacuumed the house, swept AND moped the floors! I’ve also prepared dinner and fed her clients living in the house! Trust me guys, my mom is like this at times and my sister-in-laws already know how difficult she can be. But it frustrates me when someone just degrades your efforts! I mean, I’ve given her my past checks from work to cover credit card and house payments, unlike my sister who was older by 9 years for crying out loud! Me, who’s still figuring out her future, while my sister already owns a house and has it rented out, but still lives with my parents! My tears started falling and she called me a “baby” and I ran to my room and cried and watched “ItsJudysLife” on YouTube to make me feel better. (Okay, end of vent session.)

To add onto that, I could hear my mom talking to the visiting pastor from Chicago, so I didn’t really want to be caught and spoken to for, too, long considering we are already running late. So I rushed to my sister’s bathroom and prepared myself for the hike.

It was a 38-minute drive to the location according to my GPS, so I began to drive us there since I’ve already hiked Crouching Lion once with a few old classmates last year. The rain has been on and off on our car ride there, so I wasn’t surprised that when we arrived there 38-minutes later that even where cars normally parked was muddy and empty except for one lone car. (Hopefully, if he is a hiker, he is still okay because the hike is dangerous when muddy.) My sister and I were previously talking about how the road we were on would take us around the island, and I didn’t believe her, so I suggested for us to just do an around-the-island trip instead. My sister being the passenger, was the one in charge of taking videos and photos of the journey. (I’ll post the pictures some other day considering I’m having issues with my internet connection due to the weather and pictures won’t sync.)

To end the car ride, I drove us to a nearby Coffee Bean while eating the banana I packed for the hike and she ordered a Matcha Green tea drink. (I preferred water.) So then I drove us home, and I took a much-needed nap from driving all day. Woke up to study for a certified nurses aide course I’m taking for fun as well as studying for my US citizenship, which I’ll discuss someone other time. 🙂 Now, I’m writing to my awesome reader!! But

But the lesson for today is: take a long drive if you need to clear your mind.

I’m sure those pictures and videos will be better than me rambling on about our journey, so please follow and stay tuned. 🙂


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