Has anyone taught someone to drive before? Today I saw my life flash for a good three seconds and those three second can really last a long time. 

My sister-in-law’s sister wanted me to teach her to drive, so me being me, I couldn’t really say no. Besides, I was actually excited to be on the other end of the rope and teach someone else instead someone teaching me. But of course, I was different when I was the one being taught to drive.

When I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I have ALWAYS looked forward to the day I could sit behind the steering wheel and take myself wherever I please. My dad always said things like, “Wait until you’re 8-years-old,” so I waited. And when I turned 8-years-old, I asked my dad again only for him to say, “Wait until your 13-years-old,” and so I waited. When I turned 13-years-old, my sister lets me drive my Aunty Concing’s car from my Aunty Flora’s house in Lana’i. It wasn’t so bad considering their houses was just about two blocks aways from each other. The only thing back then that I could remember was that at 13, my legs were still, too, short. But I still drove. And when I got closer to the house, I was praying my dad nor aunt weren’t outside watering the plants, which they normally did. Luck wasn’t on my side cause I think my dad was home when I was parking the car in the driveway. Boy, did my sister get an ear full. I remember rushing into the house and hiding in my aunt and uncle’s bathroom until the coast was clear or the lecturing was over. Since that day, I never drove until maybe 3 years later at age 16. I ended up taking a driver’s ed and behind-the-wheels course at my high school during the summer before my junior year.

I think it was easier for me behind the wheel during my driving course because I’ve always wanted to drive. It literally felt like I was born to drive, haha. I never had my behind-the-wheel instructor press the emergency break on her side except once. But that one time, I think it was on her because she had me stop only to say go, but the light was turning red, so she stopped for me. Soon, I did a walking in to get my driver’s license and passed!

I truly enjoy being able to drive because knowing that I know how to drive gives me just that more freedom to travel. It has been years now since those high school driver’s ed courses and now I’m taking it upon myself to teach my sister-in-law’s sister.

Today was the first day. Considering it has been a year now since she last drove a car, she did well. We went over driving around the park, making left and right turns, parallel parking while using a trash bin at the park, forward and reverse parking, and driving on the freeway to her house to end the day. I will continue to update you more on her whenever I take her out to practice driving.


3 thoughts on “First time teaching someone to drive

  1. I’ve had my license for about 3 years. I’m 19 now and I’ve loved being able to drive. I live in Illinois, literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s so stress relieving to be able to drive on country roads, going however fast or slow you want, and having almost nobody else on the road. I’m sure in the city it’s a lot different because you actually have to pay attention to other people, but it’s just one of the reasons I love being in the country haha. I would also love to hear updates on her driving and your teaching! 💙

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