Love. Eat. Travel. 4ever. Be. Everything. You may look at it and say, “Huh?” Trust me, I was just as confused with what I wanted this website to be about. Ready to join my adventure?

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Have you ever read someone’s post on their social media and thought, “Hey, I can relate to that person!” I’ve read many quotes, phrases, and stories from different friends on my Facebook and Instagram that I felt motivated to give a few background stories relating to those quotes and phrases I’ve read growing up. I wanted to start this blog because I feel that one person’s voice may be therapeutic to someone else’s life. Other people’s writing pieces always seemed to move me in some way. My grammar might not be the best, but for me writing in my journals has kept me sane and saved my life.

As this blog is continually molded into a piece that reflects my ongoing growth, I have hopes that the morals and values I have learned growing up will always be present in my posts. Being that we are only humans, I know I had my fair share of lessons learned. And what is growth if there was never a lesson? There are always lessons in life, thus, I would like to use this blogging opportunity to portray life lessons that meant something to me during specific parts of my life. Those lessons might also be repeated but with a different background story. Hopefully, out of the millions using WordPress, someone will be able to relate to different parts of my life.

Love. Eat. Travel. 4ever. Be. Everything.

Let forever be everything.



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