The Unconscious Smile

Why do the bad memories now cause an unconscious smile on my face? I see the pictures of the past and although they were moments of confusion and sorrow, I realize that there have been a few amazing moments of silliness and laughter in between. Those moments will be unforgettable. ©2017 let4everbe


If it is truly yours

If someone is truly yours he will come back. But what if that person came and you missed the chance? What do you do then? Will you go searching for love? Searching for him? Is there not that saying that said patience is a virtue yet another saying that said waiting around will lead you nowhere?…

Do you know how to change a tire?

So this happened this week... The last time I had to change a tire was 5 years ago because someone "slashed" my co-worker's car on the street. 😦 Thankfully, the day and time this happened was after I dropped off one of my handicap clients home. Unfortunately, I decided to drive straight home (since it…

Beating Stone Hearts

Two stones clash against each other. Sparks fly with every contact. Flames reach for the darkening sky. Waves flow into the flames, unknowing. Both beaten stones tired until dry. Two stones once again aflame.   ©2017 let4everbe Image credit: let4everbe

Trimming the Thorns

Growing up I was smooth and pure, a blooming bud just waiting and adored, lingering in the garden needing someone sure, not one who will toss me when they are bored. Thorns keep growing as I live my life, effortlessly ridding of mindless and careless pricks. Pricks who might one day cause me great strife,…

Drunk texts

Ever sent a drunk text? Well, here's one for the memory book. 😅 Even though you think I don't deserve you, I will still like you for who you are. I won't say why, but just know I won't try to pursue you anymore. Sorry for having feelings for you. There's so much I wanted…

Sleeping Potion

It seeps down into his gaping mouth. Drifting slowly, his shallow breaths make a hollow sound. Stupid potion numbs the vein and carries him away. Stillness, then the melancholy mist of salty rain.   ©2017 let4everbe Poem dedication to my late boss 🙏 Image credit: